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10 February 2015

Aluminium, Deodorants, Breast Cancer, Alzheimer

Many may have noticed that several deodorants are now often labelled with "contains no aluminium".  Media coverage in the last months tried to show that the aluminium from deodorants causes breast cancer and Alzheimer. Recent publications show this is not the case and can be downloaded using the links at the end of this news.

As inquisitive as we are at CTL® we purchased 4 deodorants and analysed for aluminium. One was labelled "contains no aluminium" and the rest had no further specification concerning the aluminium content. The results for the deodorants without the label "contains no aluminium":

1 - 32,500 mg/kg Aluminium

2 - 31,000 mg/kg Aluminium

3 - 21,500 mg/kg Aluminium

Result for the deodorant with the label "contains no aluminium:

340 mg/kg Aluminium

The "aluminium free" deodorant is not free of aluminium but the content is significantly lower. The active ingredient in all is aluminium chlorohydrate. It reduces the amount of sweat produced by the glands.

Several Tattoo and PMU inks contain aluminium, mainly due to the use of CI 77891, titanium dioxide or other inorganic pigments. The aluminium found in inks is not aluminium chlorohydrate as used in deodorants but aluminium oxide. This oxide has completely different properties and is quite inert. It creates the very thin surface on aluminium foil used for food wrapping. 

Here the links to the recent publications:

Aluminium and Breast Cancer -1

Aluminium and Breast Cancer -2

Aluminium and Alzheimer

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