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3 May 2015

ECTP 2015 Brugge - Quick Summary

A quick summary of some of the discussions:

1. German Position, BfR, (Federal Office for Risk Assessment, Dr Peter Laux

- We only see the worst case.

- It does not matter whether the metals are soluble, insoluble or enclosed in a mineral structure.

- An amount of insoluble nickel of 6.8 mg/kg is a large amount.

- Iron oxides can be substituted in the reds and browns.

- It does not matter whether the barium is insoluble and is barium sulphate as used in medicine.

- The amount of ink in the skin is not taken into consideration.

From our speech:

6.8 mg/kg of nickel means 0.0025 mg in total in a large tattoo of 910 cm2. Limit for water: 0.025 mg/l.

Barium: An ink containing 181 mg/kg of insoluble barium sulphate is banned, a barium meal, which people swallow before an x-ray, containing 480 000 mg/kg of the same barium sulphate is allowed. This is 2 651 times more than in the ink.

2. Danish Position


3. EU Law

Do not expect it and do not wait for it

4. Serbian Authorities

They showed a poster comparing our method for nickel detection compared to microwave digestion. We will publish this interesting data here later in full.

5. Limits in ResAP(2008)1

- There is no scientific evidence for the limits

6. General

- There is no scientific backing for any of the limits in ResAP(2008)1 and no scientific investigations have been made for any tattoo products under the skin.

- There is no scientific evidence for cancer arising from tattoos (Dr Nicolas Kluger, Finland).

7. Tattoo Removal using a Laser

Nobody knows which products may be formed by the use of a laser to remove a tattoo. There are hints that azo bonds may be cleaved leading to dangerous amines ( Dr Urs Hauri, Switzerland),

8. Future

According to several lawyers fron Europe and the US it is at peresent a legal problem as there is no evidence for the correlation between tattoo inks and various clinical problems. The proportion of people having problems compared to those having a tattoo or permanent make-up is minute.

9. Hygiene

There is a grea possibility of a European Guideline (CEN) for tattoo studios (Andy Schmidt)

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