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30 March 2009

Metals in Pigments

The main sources of high amounts of Metals found in Pigments are from the synthesis of Pigments which are of the metal complex type. Such pigments are Pigment Green 7 which contains copper as a central atom. Often high amounts of Copper are found in a soluble form. Another source of metals is the use of unsuitable equipment during the synthesis of the pigment. Further quantities of metals arise during the production of the tattoo colorants, here also due to the use of unsuitable equipment. Chromium and Nickel are often found in many pigments which do not contain any metals at all in the molecule. Use Pigments of a high quality, use suitable equipment when making the tattoo colourants. Stainless steel is the best bet. The maximum allowed amounts of metals in EU ResAP(2008)1 are very low, any contamination during manufacturing shows up clearly during the analysis.

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