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17 May 2011

EU Resolution available as an App on iTunes - ctleuresap1

The EU Resolution is at present the most stringent test on the market for Tattoo- and Permanent Make-Up (PMU) products! And it makes sense! The resolution is the result of many discussions and investigations.All working in the field of Tattoo and Permanent Make-Up should have a sound knowledge of the contents of this paper if they are selling their products in Europe. It also contains a lot of useful information for consumers. Colorants which do not comply to the resolution should not be on the European Market. Especially the listed databases give the consumer the opportunity to find products which are safe.

This App gives you all the information you need to produce Tattoo colorants or Permanent Make-Up products which meet the requirements of the European Resolution.

Consumers can also inform themselves as to which products are allowed in tattoo products, which ones may cause allergic condition sand which products on the market have been tested and pose the smallest risk to their health.

We have included a summary of the resolution, lists and tables of all forbidden products and also examples for labelling correctly.

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