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3 June 2009

Analysis of Heavy Metals in Tattoo Colorants

The EU Resolution EU ResAP(2008)1 does not state how the analysis of heavy metals should be performed. The main concern is, however, the bio-availability of the heavy metals. This term is also not defined in the resolution. We have been conducting several tests concerning the bio-availabilty in the past months and have also been analyzing the structure of several molecules leading to the higher concentrations of heavy metals. Our findings are confidential, but due to these we have revised the method for testing. In general, the new method shows lower results - especially for copper - than the previous method and fulfills the requirements for the definition of "bio-availability".
Our Service: We will be retesting all colorants which have been tested by us and failed the EU Resolution ResAP(2008)1 due to high amounts of heavy metals - free of charge! - and inform all customers of the results as soon as possible. Colorants which have failed due to high amounts of antimony, lead or mercury will not show substantially better results using the new method.

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