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28 July 2013

Changes in Legislation in Denmark

A draft issued by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency sets new restrictions and regulations on the import of Tattoo Colorants. 

Sadly, this draft does not mention Permanent Make-Up, so it seems it will only be valid for Tattoo Colorants. Quite a mishap.

Our first brief review shows that the listed forbidden subsantances are all already part of ResAP(2008)1. The other substances mentioned in the draft are also already forbidden within the EU. Furthermore,  all colorants we have registered for our customers at the BVL in Berlin and now entered into the CPNP database do not contain these anyway. So all of our customers listed in these databases do not have to be concerned about this point.

The regulation on labelling the bottles is identical to ResAP(2008)1, meaning customers already following this guideline do not have to change anything.


Order shall come into force on 1st January 2014

Products already on the market may be used until 1st April 2015

What is new is the required Risk Assessment. In order to evaluate the complete draft we need a little time to read all of the references and cross-links. We assume we will be able to give more information within a week - so stay tuned!

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