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7 July 2009

Regulations and Laws on Tattoo and Permanent Make-Up Colorants in the Netherlands

Since 2003 there are laws and regulations for Tattoo Colorants and Permanent Make-Up in the Netherlands (Stb. 2003, 342). The basis of the law is EU-Resolution EU ResAP(2003)2.

The following are forbidden:
a) Almost all Aromatic Amines mentioned in list 1 parts a and b of EU ResAP(2008)1. The German "Tätowiermittelverordnung" has the full list of aromatic amines.
b) Pigments and Colorants similar to list 2 of EU ResAP(2008)1.
c) Pigments acc. to appendix 2, columns 2-4 of the cosmetics regulation (cosmeticarichtlijn).
d) Carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic Products mentioned in the list of hazardous substances (gevaarlijke stoffen richtlijn).
e) Preservatives.

As the list of forbidden amines and colourants differs slightly from the more recent EU-Resolution EU ResAP(2008)1 you can download the list contained in EU ResAP(2003)1 here as a PDF.

All Colorants must be sterile. This is exactly the same as in EU ResAP(2008)1 and the German law.

There is also a regulation for the labelling of the bottles. This is identical to the German "Tätowiermittelverordnung" and the EU Resolution EU ResAP(2008)1.
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N.B.: The laws in the Netherlands were introduced almost over 5 years ago!

If you have any questions to the regulations mentioned please enquire directly at CTL and we will give you our support.

We would like to thank "Antwoord voor bedrijven" in The Hague for their assistance.

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