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13 June 2014

Our Book on Tattoo Inks - Analysis, Pigments, Legislation


There have been many questions over the past years and our book has the answers. It also contains information on the amount of ink or metal in the skin from a tattoo based on experiments conducted at CTL. There is a lot of information about the difference between the Council of Europe and the EU. All information from the ResAP(2002)2 and ResAP(2008)1, including the tables of forbidden substances, are included. The drawbacks of the CoE resolutions are discussed. Another important issue is the permanent problem of metal analysis, i.e. total decomposition vs. soluble metals. The book is a "must have" for all in the tattoo and PMU industry. Available at or The book should also be available at your local bookstore, ISBN 978-3-8442-8611-3.

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