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23 December 2014

Barium in Tattoo and PMU inks

In October 2011 we wrote an article in our news stating German authorities had found barium in inks. The barium found was from barium sulphate and after discussions and the application of the correct methods this was certified by the German authorities and the inks taken off of the banned list as barium sulphate is allowed in all medical and cosmetics products in the EU. This is covered in great detail in our book and was also a topic at the ECTP in Copenhagen in November 2013.

Scandinavian authorities, who do not test themselves but have the testing conducted at a state laboratory in the Netherlands, have now also found barium in inks. This is not surprising, as barium sulphate is used in these inks. The applied method is not in a position to detect the barium sulphate used and permitted in inks and medical products. The authorities are trying to ban these products. They should be doing their analysis correctly for this substance and this is gross negligence on their part and in no way to be accepted.

As already mentioned here in 2011, at least the German authorities reacted wisely and correctly.

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